This weekend?

I’ll be playing the opposite of what @feenwager is playing: “Golf Tournament 3D”. It received excellent reviews from the critics for its catered meals, open bar and driving levels, but the difficulty ramps up later in the game and really has the potential to be a “controller breaker”.

After that? I’d just like to get to Mexico in RDR. I feel like I’m really behind in that game right now. I’ll also be (hopefully) putting some more time into the Transformers: War for Cybertron demo and maybe complete an episode or two of Alan Wake if it’s very bright outside and all of the lights are on in my house.

I actually traded in Split/Second because of Gamestop’s 50% more trade-in deal and picked up Alan Wake. Having Blur and SS was too much, and one of them had to go. Seeing more people on my XBL friends list playing Blur, I figured that was the obvious one to keep.